An analysis of E-rate funding data reveals the average wait time for funding decisions.  Decision times vary based upon numerous factors; however, in an analysis of USAC funding decisions from FY2010 to FY2012, three factors stood out as the primary predictors of wait time: the FCC Priority of a funding request, the type of applicant submitting the application, and the amount of funding requested.

  • FCC priority. On average Priority 1 applications received a decision in 192 days. Priority 2 applications took on average of 389 days.
  • Applicant type. The average library Priority 1 request was issued in 164 days. The average consortium Priority 1 request was issued in 294 days.
  • Amount requested. On average, Priority 1 funding requests below $10,000 received a decision in 183 days and Priority 1 funding requests above $50,000 received a decision in 240 days.

Decision times for Priority 2 applications were the longest, due to the FCC priority rules, but also showed the least amount of variation.