A review of the FY2018 funding applications shows a steady number of school and library sites requesting broadband services, and a to-be-expected decline in the number of sites receiving support for capped and phased-out services. Watch Funds For Learning’s webinar “E-rate 2018 Demand: Insights and Analysis” to learn more.
  • The number of school and library sites with requests for broadband E-rate support remains steady in funding year 2018. About 128,000 sites were listed on Category 1 funding applications for data and Internet access in this year’s filing window.
  • About 45,000 sites were listed on Category 2 funding applications for on-campus Wi-Fi networks. This is a slight decline from the previous year, tied primarily to the number of sites that are prohibited from seeking additional discounts because they have “maxed out” their C2 budgets.
  • 33,650 sites were listed on funding requests for telephone services. Previously, the most widely requested of discounts, the FCC’s phase out of support for telephone service is nearly complete. This has left schools and libraries shouldering an estimated $800 million in services that formerly qualified for E-rate support.
Schools and libraries are encouraged to participate in a national survey of E-rate applicants. Let the FCC know your thoughts on the impact of Category 1 services, the need for Category 2 purchases, and the loss of support for telephone service. The survey is available here.