Preliminary results from the funding year 2020 E-rate filing window are in and the news is encouraging. 11,597 applicants submitted requests for Category 2 funding projects. That is the highest number of applicants ever to have submitted funding requests for on-campus discounts in a single funding year. The pre-discount amount of these projects is $1,599,277,667, which is the highest pre-discount for Category 2 discounts demand since 2015.

For Category 1 services, which includes Internet access and data services, the total pre-discount expense continued its decline, apparently driven by lower bandwidth charges (i.e. price per megabit). However, early indications suggest that the pricing may have reached a relative low point and that in future years increased bandwidth may drive the overall costs of Category 1 services up again.

Overall, demand appears robust. Despite the turmoil experienced by many schools and libraries in March and April 2020, it appears that this filing window was a success for many applicants. Join Funds For Learning on May 7th as we reveal our preliminary report of the funding year 2020 filing window. Register now to attend or to receive a recording of the presentation.

Below are additional charts and tables about the funding year 2020 filing window.