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E-rate Consulting Firm for Large School District

Minimum Standards

  1. Core focus is E-rate consulting – E-rate regulations and procedures are vast and frequently change. The vendor’s core business is to maintain an in-depth knowledge of the E-rate application rules, contracting requirements, E-rate products and services eligibility lists, , and provide E-rate application services and technical support to the school district.
  1. Firm with Ten (10) or More Staff E-rate Consultants – A large school district faces a considerable number of inquiries, reviews and audits (far more than a typical school). Because of the volume of time-sensitive information requests, the successful vendor must have at least ten (10) fulltime staff dedicated to providing E-rate consulting services.
  1. Successful track record supporting large school districts – Supporting a large school district requires specialized skills and experience. The successful vendor must have at least five (5) years continuous successful experience in providing E-rate Consulting Services to K-12 school districts with 25,000+ students
  1. Online Document Repository – Online access to E-rate forms and documentation, including contracts, invoices, payment paperwork, and proof of payment, is essential. The successful vendor should have at least five (5) years-experience maintaining a secure, online repository of client data that is accessible 24/7 by school district
  1. Electronic Monitoring and Notifications – Timely notifications are necessary for program compliance. The successful vendor must have a demonstrated capability to continuously monitor and provide automated, electronic notifications regarding changes of the status of USAC funding commitments.
  1. E-rate Management Professionals Association (E-MPA) – Professional standards are a prerequisite for managing millions of dollars in federal E-rate funds. E-MPA exists to promote excellence and ethics in E-Rate professional management and consulting through certification, education, and professional The successful vendor will be a member in good standing of the E-rate Management Professionals Association.
  1. Certified E-rate Management Professional (CEMP) – E-rate consulting requires 3+ years of experience and demonstrated knowledge and expertise. The E-rate Management Professionals Association offers a certification for qualified consultants. The successful vendor should have at least five (5) fulltime CEMPs on
  1. State E-rate Coordinators’ Alliance (SECA) – The successful vendor will be a current representative in the State E-rate Coordinators’ Alliance for at least one state or territory, in order to maintain knowledge of state/territory-level regulations and activities.
  1. Training Capacity – E-rate regulations are complex and impact many different departments within the school district. It is important that department staff receive regular training on E-rate rules. The successful vendor should have at least five (5) years-experience providing online and in-person training and professional development to groups of 50+
  1. Weekly Updates – Current knowledge of new E-rate procedures, deadline announcements, and proposed rule makings is essential for success. The successful vendor must have a demonstrated capability to constantly monitor E-rate regulations and provide weekly e-mail news alerts to designated staff.
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Our mission is to provide high-quality consulting and support services for the needs of E-rate program participants. We consult with applicants to help them understand, effectively utilize, and maintain compliance with E-rate rules and regulations. We help prepare and submit paperwork, and interact with program administrators on our clients’ behalf.

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