The Schools and Libraries Division April 12 called on applicants to voluntarily reduce or cancel requests for the 2002 funding year, where possible, so that it can make as much money as possible available for internal connections. The SLD noted that some applicants may have already been approved for an item in the 2001 funding year or determined that they would not be able to make use of all the money they requested.

The SLD noted three ways that this reduction could be done:

  • Applicants can mark up a Receipt Acknowledgment Letter at any time to reduce or cancel the requested amount and then send it to the SLD.
  • Reductions or cancellations can be communicated during the Program Integrity Assurance review process.
  • Applicants can file a Form 500 if they have already received an approved funding commitment to reduce or cancel that amount. The SLD said that the sooner it receives this form, the faster it can cancel or reduce the request.

More details are available on the SLD Web site at