The SLD announced today that starting with Wave 40, they will be approving Internal Connections and Basic Maintenance requests down to 88% but do not have the funds available to support requests at the 76% discount rate and below. It is unclear when the SLD will determine to what discount level they may be able to fund in 2005.

The SLD notified over 170 applicants and 270 service providers the status of their 2005 funding requests this week in Wave 39. The SLD committed $25.98 million, with $2.67 million for Internal Connections and $474,862 for Basic Maintenance requests. The SLD has committed $1.37 billion in 2005 with $1.41 billion pending.

The SLD has also begun to notify schools affected by Hurricane Katrina about their special 2005 funding commitments. One school in Louisiana was sent a funding commitment decision letter this week committing $24,734 which brings the current SLD Katrina commitment total to $36,125.

Detailed reports of all funding waves may be viewed at E-rate Manager Wave Reports.

The Internal Connections Discount Threshold History can be viewed at Internal Connections Discount Threshold History.ppt