The Federal Communications Commission has authorized approximately $900 million in unused funds from previous years be rolled into the pool of available funding for the 2009 Funding Year.  The FCC reports that they would like to have $100 million in reserve for FY 2010.  In previous years, the FCC rolled over $600 million for FY 2008 and $650 million in FY 2007.  

On June 29, the USAC Schools and Libraries Committee conditionally recommended, pending FCC approval, to start to issue commitments of FY 2009 priority two applications at the 90% discount band.  According to USAC they needed $400 million from rollover funds to fund all the FY 2009 90% priority two applications. To view an analysis of the amount currently pending at each discount rate, click here.

The FCC Rollover Order can be viewed here.