On August 22, 2011, the Federal Communications Commission issued the Funds For Learning Order which directs USAC to fund Funding Year 2010 Priority 2 applications at all discount levels. The FCC also announced that $850 million will be available for rollover to Funding Year 2011.

On January 26, 2011, USAC requested that the FCC deny all FY 2010 P2 requests at the 80% discount band because they did not have funds available to cover the entire requested amount. Funds For Learning, believing this decision to be premature, formally petitioned the FCC to deny USAC's recommendation. In its Order, the FCC granted Funds For Learning's petition in part, and will not only make FY 2010 P2 funds available at the 80% discount band, but reversed a previous decision and will make funds available for all FY 2010 P2 requests, regardless of discount level. This is the second time in program history that USAC will be able to fund P2 applications at all discount levels.

The FCC also authorized $850 million in unused funds from previous years to be rolled forward for distribution in Funding Year 2011. Previous rollovers have totaled approximately $900 million for FY 2010, $900 million for FY 2009, $600 million for FY 2008, and $650 million in FY 2007.