On October 18, 2011, USAC released Funding Wave 18, notifying 1,273 applicants and 817 service providers about the status of their FY 2011 funding requests. The funding wave included nearly $125 million in total commitments, and $99,725,000 was committed for Priority 2 applications at the 90% discount level.

The SLD denied requests for 128 applicants’ Priority 2 services at the 90% level for at total of $26 million. Funding denials were issued to 38 applicants who submitted FY2011 Priority 2 applications below 90%, for a total of approximately $149 million.

The SLD also released a FY 2005 funding wave committing $2.8 million. Detailed analysis of all funding waves may be downloaded in Funds For Learning’s Wave Reports area.