On March 8, 2013, the Federal Communications Commission released a Public Notice  seeking comment from E-rate stakeholders on proposed revisions to the Form 472, Form 473 and Form 474.  The FCC is also looking for comment on revisions to the accompanying instructions.

Draft Forms:

Form 472

Form 473

Form 474

Draft instructions:

Form 472 instructions

Form 473 instructions

Form 474 instructions

Proposed changes to the Forms include:

Requiring the FCC Forms 472, 473, and 474 to be certified under penalty of perjury;

Modifying the existing certifications in FCC Forms 472 and 473 regarding recordkeeping to ensure consistently with Commission rules;

Adding certifications to the FCC Forms 472 and 474 regarding overall compliance with E-rate program rules;

Adding certifications to the FCC Form 473 regarding cost allocation of eligible and ineligible services; the payment of the non-discount share, the prohibition of gifts as defined by Federal statute and regulations, compliance with the lowest corresponding price requirement, compliance with state and local competitive bidding rules, verification of suspension or debarment, and overall compliance with E-rate program rules;

And non-substantive administrative changes to the Form 474

Comments are due March 27 and reply comments must be submitted by April 8.