On July 11, 2016, State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) submitted comments supporting State E-rate Coordinators’ Alliance’s (SECA) Petition for Reconsideration that the FCC should reconsider their position on taking a hard line on applicants that miss the invoicing deadline. SETDA specifically stated in their FCC comments that, “…Over the longer term, SETDA also urges you to adopt and use a more flexible approach to the E-rate invoicing deadline. The current structure adversely affects applicants and service providers. Instead, the Commission should adopt the sensible approach used in other parts of the E-rate program, including sending deadline reminders to applicants and using appropriate grace periods when deadlines are missed. By not permitting invoicing flexibility, the program fails to acknowledge the absence of professional experience and capacity in many schools to navigate the process and the importance of putting the program’s connectivity goals…”

The SETDA FCC Comments can be viewed here.