As applicants sign into EPC, there are now three additional options available; Form 500, SPIN changes, and product substitution requests. Any FY2016 requests that will need one of these post commitment adjustments, should be prepared and filed in EPC.
Applicants can now submit Form 500 changes for FY2015 and earlier funding years. Form 500 requests for FY2015 and earlier works differently than requests for FY2016 or later
  • For FY2015, applicants will need to download and fill out the paper version of the Form 500, scan the completed and signed paper form, upload, and submit inside of EPC.
  • For FY2016 and later, applicants should directly enter the required information, submit, and certify the request in EPC. 
 As a helpful hint when working in the Form 500, if a Yes/No option has been selected and it needs to be changed, you will need to uncheck the selected box before you can change your selection.