The USAC Schools and Libraries Committee holds quarterly meetings to provide policy guidance to the SLD on a variety of E-rate topics. The next quarterly meeting is scheduled for April 24, 2017. The meetings are open to the public and the agenda for the upcoming meeting is as follows:

Open Session

  • Approval of Schools and Libraries Committee Meeting Minutes of January 30, 2017
  • Approval of moving all Executive Session items into Executive Session.
  • Routine Procurements: Deemed consideration and approval in Executive Session. None
  • Approval of Schools and Libraries Support Mechanism 3rd Quarter 2017 Programmatic Budget and Demand Projection for the May 2, 2017 FCC Filing
  • Information on 12 USAC Internal Audit Division Schools and Libraries Support Mechanism Beneficiary Audit Reports – Executive Session Option
  • Support Mechanism Business Update
  • Business Review
  • Operational Metrics
  • Update on Key Initiatives
  • Update on EPC Path Forward. – Confidential – Executive Session Recommended
  • Update on Path Forward - Procurements. – Confidential – Executive Session Recommended.

The full agenda can be viewed here.