On November 16, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission published the Eligible Services List (ESL) for Funding Year 2019.  In the accompanying Order, the Commission authorized USAC to open the FY2019 Form 471 filing window no earlier than January 15, 2019.
The FCC adopted its proposed changes from the FY2019 draft ESL. It also made some minor clarifications to the document, including:
  • Clarifying that eligible Category One network equipment applies to all types of Category One service
  • Reordering the list of Category Two services
  • Breaking out “Cabling” as an independent item in the Internal Connections category
  • Clarifying that “applicants may request both equipment and software necessary to use the equipment on the FCC Form 470, or request just the equipment on the FCC Form 470, and still receive support for both the equipment and the software necessary to use the equipment”
The Commission also declined to include any additional (or new) products or services in the ESL.
The Funding Year 2019 Eligible Services List may be downloaded here.