The FCC Office of Inspector General (OIG) recently released their semi-annual report to Congress, which covers activities from April 1, 2018 through September 30, 2018. Most of the OIG’s work “…involves investigating and supporting civil and criminal investigations/prosecutions of fraud in the FCC’s federal universal service programs…”
Further details from OIG Report:
  • OI’s E-rate Investigations team continues its work on ongoing investigations of E-Rate service providers, recipients and consultants including a significant case investigating a large number of religious schools in New York State
  • OI has begun investigating individual schools where potential fraudulent reporting of National School Lunch Program numbers by applicants to USAC has been identified
  • Recently, OI held discussions with both USAC and WCB related to our previous recommendation of the creation of an online competitive bid repository within EPC
The FCC Semi-Annual Report can be found here.