Funds For Learning recently met with the FCC to discuss the results of the 9th Annual Funds For Learning Applicant Survey. The survey results showed that the “E-rate program is delivering on the FCC’s goals for the program as outlined in the 2014 Modernization Order.”  The survey results further demonstrated that:
  • 94% of  applicants report that E-rate funding is vital to their organization’s Internet connectivity goals;
  • 84% of applicants believe that they can depend on E-rate funding every year;
  • 89% of applicants have faster Internet connections to their school and library sites;
  • 87% of applicants connect more students and library patrons to the Internet;
  • 70% of applicants have lower prices because of the E‐rate competitive bidding process
The Funds For Learning FCC Exparte which includes a PowerPoint presentation of the survey results can be found here.