On July 17, 2020, the State E-rate Coordinators Alliance (SECA) filed an ex parte comment with the Federal Communications Commission expressing “concern with USAC’s misinterpretation of E-rate rules related to what equipment can and cannot be connected to structured cabling and data distribution devices.”  
Referencing Funding Year 2020 Program Integrity Assurance reviews where USAC requested that applicants provide an inventory of devices which would be connected to their E-rate discounted LAN infrastructure, SECA “respectfully urge[s] the FCC to clarify in writing, preferably within the FY 2021 Eligible Services List, that all on-premise devices connected to structured cabling and wired/wireless data distribution equipment serve an educational purpose and therefore, there is no associated cost allocation requirement for any connected devices.”
SECA’s ex parte may be accessed here