On October 16, 2020, USAC announced that the administrative window for Funding Year 2021 will open on Monday, October 19.  The admin window precedes the annual Form 471 filing window and allows applicants to update information about their school and library locations, student enrollment or library square footage, and National School Lunch Program information for calculating discount rates.
In addition to new fields for allowing schools and libraries to enter information for the calculation of Category Two budgets, USAC has added three new subtype designations for schools: general-use school, detention center, and swing space.  Data fields removed from the profile include part-time and peak part time student counts for schools, as well as the IMLS local code for libraries, since those figures are no longer needed for the calculation of C2 budgets.
More information about the administrative window may be found in USAC’s October 16 News Brief