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    E-rate State Information: Ohio

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    Education Department / Lunch Information

    Dept. of Education Website
    State Lunch Numbers

    Estimate Your Category Two School/District Budget

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    State E-rate Coordinators

    State Coordinator:

    Technology Plan Approvers

    The information contained in this section was obtained from the Schools and Libraries Division of USAC’s website (

    Primary ContactKathryn Bailey
    TitleDirector of Technology
    Address1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue
    Atlanta, GA 30307
    Phone(404) 270-2324
    Fax(404) 270-2324
    Alternate Contact
    NotePlease be advised you should only contact this organization if you are a member school.

    E-rate Summary

    The table below shows state-wide E-rate summary information for the E-rate Funding Years indicated.

    Year Requests Requested Committed Disbursed
    2019 3,198 $85,914,396.01 $38,508,835.97 $0.00
    2018 3,435 $70,050,305.07 $65,471,356.64 $35,328,734.97
    2017 4,723 $73,514,447.65 $68,751,727.14 $59,294,779.80

    Source: E-rate Manager® (Current as of 6/18/2019 5:17 AM CDT)

    E-rate Non-traditional Student Eligibility

    The information contained in this section was obtained from the Eligibility Table for Non-Traditional Education page for Schools and Library Applicants of the Schools and Libraries Divison of USAC.

    Head Start No, because Pre-K is not eligible in this state
    Pre-kindergarten Facilities No
    Students No
    Adult Education Facilities No
    Students No
    Juvenile Justice Facilities Yes
    Students Yes
    Special Education Students Ages 3-21 Yes
    Special Education Students over 21 Not yet confirmed