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65% of FY2015 Applications Processed
As of August 30, USAC had processed 65% of all FY2015 Form 471 applications, representing 40% of the E-rate support requested in 2015. The remaining 35% of applications still pending represent 60% of the E-rate support requested.09/02/2015
USAC Seeks Director of Schools and Libraries
USAC has created a new position and are seeking a Director for the E-rate program. This position will report directly to the Vice President of the Schools and Libraries Program. The Director will be responsible for the day to day business activities and will work to...08/31/2015
Dandy Decade
Today I learned an interesting fact: it’s 2015. All day, my colleagues have been trying to convince me that it has been 2015 for something like eight months now. I’m honestly not certain about all that. But I have been able to independently verify through a careful and lengthy series of...08/28/2015
Remembering Hurricane Katrina
Ten years ago Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast Region of the United States and devastated much of Louisiana and Mississippi. While many of us moved on with our lives, the communities that were directly impacted have been slowly rebuilding and trying to put...08/28/2015
FY2015 “Workable” Form 471 Commitment
As part of the FCC’s 7th Report & Order, the FCC set a target goal of September 1st for USAC to issue funding decisions for all “workable” funding requests. The SLD recently announced they have a new target date to achieve this goal which is now...08/27/2015

What is the E-rate?

The E-rate supports K-12 students and library patrons in the United States. The program provides discounts up to 90% on goods and services essential for classrooms and libraries to receive voice, video, and data communications.

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