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Need For Updated SPAC Could Delay Invoicing for $227M

For FY 2023, 11% of all funding requests, with committed amounts totaling $227.4M, have a service provider that still needs to file a current SPAC (FCC Form 473).  These funded requests are associated with 1,015 distinct service provider SPINs (Service Provider Identification Number) and could have BEAR or SPI form processing delayed because of the need for an updated SPAC. 

For FY2024, 13% of all funding requests, with requests totaling $288.2M, have a service provider needing a current SPAC.

The FCC Form 473 Service Provider Annual Certification is filed annually by companies participating in the E-rate program and serves as a certification that the service provider will abide by E-rate program rules. USAC will not process invoices (BEAR or SPI forms) in a given Funding Year until the SPAC has been processed.

Service providers can find more information about filing the annual SPAC in USAC’s Form 473 User Guide.

Applicants can view their the Funding Request (FRN) information using the free E-rate Manager tool here.

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