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Activation Questions

My organization has many Billed Entity Numbers. Which one should I use?

You should use the Billed Entity Number (or BEN) that has been assigned as the main or primary Billed Entity Number for your organization. In the case of many school districts, this is the BEN that is associated with the name of the school district.

If you are unsure about which BEN to use, contact E-rate Manager Business Operations ( for assistance.

What if I want to manage multiple Billed Entities under one account?

If you manage E-rate applications and funding for multiple Billed Entities, you can have access to all of your Billed Entities under one E-rate Manager Account (subscription fee is based on entity size, plus additional fees for unified login access and extra users).  Just continue the registration process with your primary Billed entity, then contact E-rate Manager Business Operations ( and we can help you with adding additional Billed Entities.

How is E-rate Manager for Applicants pricing calculated?

Annual pricing for E-rate Manager for Applicants is based on the size of your organization and the number of users that will have access to E-rate Manager for Applicants. For schools, the size of the organization is determined by the information submitted in Block 2, Item 7a and Block 3, Item 8a on your previous year’s Form 471. For libraries, the size is based on the number of sites in the library system.

SCHOOLSEssentialPremiumProfessionalAdditional Users
<500 Students$209$259$319$49
500-2,499 Students$259$359$519$99
2,500-14,999 Students$419$629$839$99
15,000-29,999 Students$949$1,159$1,359*$199
30,000-59,999 Students$1,359$1,679*$1,989*$299
60,000+ Students$2,799$3,999*$3,999*$399
* – Includes access for two users
LIBRARIESEssentialPremiumProfessionalAdditional Users
<4 Sites$209$259$309$49
4-10 Sites$419$629$839$99
11+ Sites$1,359$1,679$1,989$199

If pricing for your organization does not appear to be correct, contact E-rate Manager Business Operations ( We will be happy to review your organizations information to ensure that you are offered the correct price.

My organization has applied for E-rate funding in the past, but it says that I haven’t. What should I do?

Contact E-rate Manager Business Operations ( for assistance.

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