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    This week's focus: Solution-Minded

    At Funds For Learning, “solution-minded” is defined as doing our best to help others achieve their goals and meet their objectives. Oftentimes, in the course of helping others, we face resistance and discover hurdles to their success. This makes sense. After all, someone else probably wouldn’t be asking us for our help if it was easy. They’d have already taken care of it themselves. Solution-minded, then, is not so much about whether or not we encounter difficult circumstances (we will); rather, it’s all about how we respond to those difficult circumstances... Continue


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    E-rate compliance services for over 18 years does not happen by chance. Request a copy of GuideMarks Fostering Shared Growth, written by CEO John Harrington.

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    Need to know the status of your E-rate applications without all the hassle? Our clients have real-time, electronic access to all their E-rate funding data and paperwork.

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    What is the E-rate funding program?

    The E-rate program provides discounts on certain services and products that are essential for classrooms and libraries to receive Internet connections. The amount of discount depends on the level of poverty and location of the entity receiving service. The discount ranges from 20% to 90% of the cost of eligible services.

    School districts, charter schools, and library systems can all apply. To be eligible to receive discounts, a school or library must meet certain eligibility criteria. In general elementary and secondary schools are eligible to receive discounts — including many private schools and religious schools. Public libraries and library systems can also receive E-rate discounts.