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SLC Board Drafts Policy Statement to Define ‘Educational Purposes’

The Schools and Libraries Corporation Board Nov. 17 drafted a "proposed policy statement" to guide schools and libraries in certifying that the services for which they are seeking E-rate funding are used for "educational purposes," as required by the government's regulations. 

SLC CEO Ira Fishman said the board was not interested in making decisions on what was "good or bad" from an educational perspective, but rather would focus on where the services were delivered. After some editing at the meeting, the SLC released this language two days later:

"The primary purpose of the services for which support is sought must be the delivery of services into classrooms or other places of instruction at schools and libraries that meet the statutory definition of an eligible institution. Support for the administrative functions of library or education programs is permitted so long as the services are part of the network of shared services for learning. Universal service support will be limited to services delivered to the onsite educational facility or facilities. Services at a personal residence or at locations that do not host places of instruction or are not accessible to library patrons, with the exception of a centralized district office or similar facility, are not eligible for support."

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