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SLD Releases First 2002 Internal Connections Commitments

The Schools and Libraries Division announced October 4 that it would send out funding commitment letters October 8 approving $578.4 million worth of E-rate discounts, including the first commitments for internal connections for funding year 2002.

Of that total, $564.2 million represents commitments for internal connections for applicants eligible for a 90 percent discount rate. That brings to nearly $1.4 billion the amount that the SLD has committed for the 2002 funding year, or approximately 62 percent of the total it has available to commit.

The SLD said additional requests are still pending for other applicants at the 90 percent discount rate. In addition, it said no decision has been made yet on requests for internal connections support from applicants qualifying for discounts between 80 and 89 percent.

Under program rules, commitments involving non-recurring services for the 2002 funding year can be put to use through September 30, 2003.

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