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33,329 Form 470 Applications Filed by Deadline

As of January 9, the deadline for filing Form 470 applications for the 2003 E-rate funding year, 24,246 distinct entities had filed 33,329 Form 470 applications, slightly less than the 24,809 entities who filed Form 470 applications in advance of the 2002 funding year, according to figures compiled by Funds For Learning, the E-rate consulting firm.

That total is slightly more than the 33,148 Form 470 applications that were reported filed by the tool that the Schools and Libraries Division makes available to help vendors download application summaries.

According to FFL's data, 28,006 applications requested telecommunications services, compared with 28,991 in 2002, 18,632 requested Internet access services, compared with 19,216 in 2002, and 13,533 applications sought internal connections, compared with 15,945 in 2002.

January 9 was the last day a Form 470 application could be filed and still provide the requisite 28-day posting period before the Form 471 application window closes on February 6, 2003.

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