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USAC Details Administrative Procedures

The FCC has directed USAC to submit all administrative procedures to the Commission for review. While the procedures highlighted in this report are not explicity stated in any Commission rules; they are important to understand if you want to have a successful filing season. The 2005 filing contains four new procedures from last year.

  • Long Term Contract Review
  • Superintendent Verification of Funding Request
  • Cost-Effectiveness Review
  • Children's Internet Protection Act Compliance
The filing also makes clear that USAC will grant appeals under three conditions:

  • When the appeal makes clear that USAC erred in its initial review
  • When the appeal provides documentation to correct an assumption USAC made because there was insufficient information in the application file about an issue
  • When USAC obtains policy clarificataion or new policies between the time of funding committment and the appeal decision

Funds For Learning has a searchable FCC decision database within E-rate Manager which makes it easy for E-rate stakeholders wanting to appeal to view FCC past precedents.

View the USAC filing.

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