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USAC Schools and Libraries Committee Looking For New Board Member.

On February 15, 2006, the FCC announced that Dr. Douglas Christensen submitted his resignation to the USAC Board effective January 26, 2006. USAC is now seeking nominations for a "school representative" to replace Dr. Christensen.

The FCC rules state that "….only members of the industry or non-industry group that a Board member will represent may submit a nomination for that position. In order to expedite the appointment process, members of the relevant industry or non-industry group are encouraged to nominate a single candidate who possesses substantial experience in, and knowledge of, telecommunications issues. If members of the relevant industry or non-industry group fail to reach consensus on a candidate to serve on the Board, or fail to submit a nomination for the particular Board member seat, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission will select an individual from that industry or non-industry group to serve on the Board…"

Nominations Due: March 17, 2006

Further information on USAC can be found at

The FCC Public Notice can be viewed at

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