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Universal Service Legislation Introduced

Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) introduced a comprehensive Universal Service reform bill (H.R. 101: Universal Service for Americans Act) that mirrors the legislation that that he introduced last year.  Last year the measure was voted out of the Senate Commerce Committee, but did not receive a floor vote.  All bills must be reintroduced in the 110th Congress in order to be reconsidered.

H.R. 101: Universal Service for Americans Act would:

  • Exempt Universal Service from the Anti-Deficiency Act
  • Require further random audits of all E-rate beneficiaries including E-rate applicants and service providers
  • Direct FCC to create performance measures and goals

Representatives Cubin (R-WY) and Markey (D-MA) also introduced legislation last week to exempt Universal Service from the Anti-Deficiency Act, HR. 278.  Over the course of the next several months more Universal Service reform bills will be introduced and debated.  Funds For Learning will continue to work with industry and education groups to ensure that Members of Congress understand the real life implications of their policy decisions.

View Highlights of Senators Stevens' Bill

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