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FCC Releases FY 2008 Draft Eligible Services List

The FCC released the FY 2008 draft Eligible Services List.This enables all E-rate stakeholders to file comments and suggestions to the FCC before the list is finalized.Here are a few changes:

  • The draft proposed to treat Centrex service as basic telephone service with the intention of eliminating the requirement that applicants file a technology plan for Centrex service
  • The draft clarifies that the basic conduit access to the Internet for the purpose of accessing distance learning and video conferencing is eligible for funding in the Internet access category but distance learning and video conferencing tools are not eligible for funding
  • The draft clarifies that program participants are not required to provide cost allocation for calendaring functions ancillary to E-mail service
  • The draft clarifies the eligible components of a web hosting service
  • The draft adds "failover" products or services to the list of miscellaneous ineligible components

Comment Date: August 10, 2007

Reply Comment Date: August 17, 2008

To view the FCC Public Comment Notice

To view the FY 2008 Draft ESL Services List

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