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USAC Issues Semi-Annual Audit Recovery Report

On a semi-annual basis, the FCC has directed USAC to provide them with a summary and status of outstanding audit findings.  This week USAC provided their report to the FCC and the report provides details of audit recoveries as of August 31, 2007. 


Here are a few highlights from the report:


  • USAC has audited $1.61 billion
  • USAC has sought recovery of $81 million
  • USAC has recovered close to $21 million
  • USAC has performed  455 beneficiary audits
    • FY 1998 – 24
    • FY 1999 – 47
    • FY 2000 – 174
    • FY 2001- 16
    • FY 2002 – 108
    • FY 2003 – 45
    • FY 2004 – 40
    • FY 2005 – 1

 Funds For Learning has catalogued hundreds of FCC and USAC audits in order to educate E-rate stakeholders on various compliance issues.  E-rate Manager subscribers can click on "tools" and then search the audit database to find applicants who have been "compliant", "generally complaint" or "non-compliant".


View the Semi-Annual Report


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