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SLD Releases Two FY 2007 Funding Waves

This week the SLD released two FY 2007 funding waves totaling nearly $16 million.  To date, the SLD has committed $1.75 billion and has $1.57 billion pending in FY 2007 requests.  

  • Wave 30 released on 11/27 committed $7 million
  • Wave 31 released on 11/29 committed nearly $9 million

The SLD still has close to $450 million in priority two requests pending at the 90% discount rate in FY 2007.  E-rate applicants who subscribe to E-rate Manager can determine where in the review process their applications are at the SLD. For example, E-rate Manager will detail whether an online Form 471 has been successfully data entered and certified, whether the application is in initial review, final review or in quality assurance one or quality assurance two and can even alert applicants if their application is being held for further FCC policy guidance.  If applicants believe their requests are being held up and still need further explanation  they can contact the SLD directly.

The full funding and appeal waves may be viewed at E-rate Manager Wave Reports.

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