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Dozens of Applicants Win FCC Appeal Decisions

The FCC has released 28 E-rate appeal decisions in favor of dozens of E-rate stakeholders. The appeals covered issues dating back as far as the second program year and as recently as the current year. The recent appeals covered issues including:

  • missed deadlines,
  • lack of understanding of program rules,
  • service start dates on Form 486,
  • clerical errors,
  • perceived bidding violations, and
  • the SLD's misinterpretation of FCC regulations

 In general, the FCC stated that these cases were procedural in nature and did not involve a misuse of funds.

Funds For Learning's Database of FCC Appeals

Funds For Learnign has cataloged these decisions and hundreds of decisions in a searchable database of FCC appeal decisions. This makes it easy for E-rate stakeholders to search past FCC precedents, which can assist applicants and service providers when drafting their own appeals. This FCC Appeal Decision Database is included as part of the award-winning E-rate Manager service by Funds For Learning. 

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