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Genachowski Confirmation Hearings Begin

The Senate Commerce Committee took up on Tuesday the matter of Julius Genachowski’s nomination to head the Federal Communications Commission. During the hearings, Genachowski stated his support of the E-rate and other Universal Service Fund program.

In an exchange between Genachowski and Senator Mark Begich (D-AK), Genachowski made the following comments about the E-rate program:

“I was privileged to see the early days of E-rate — Senator Rockefeller, Senator Snow, and others on this committee worked very hard for it. It is a great accomplishment. and thinking about broadband going forward and the opportunities it creates for all Americans, education is a great example–a way to give children everywhere access to the best information, the best teachers. To allow children in rural areas to have the same opportunities as children who live close to universities. I’m very excited about the opportunities for education and broadband, and for the next generation of E-rate.”

Mr. Genachowski is expected to be confirmed as FCC Chairman when the Senate votes on his confirmation.

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