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Defining Terms in CIPA’s New Requirements

The Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act does not define some of the terms that are found within the new requirements. We have put together the following definitions to help you understand some of the terminology used in the Act. These definitions are for reference purposes only–your local or state laws may have codified definitions for these terms.

  • A ‘social networking website’ is a website which functions as an online community of people who share common interests and activities, and wish to interact with others. Social networking websites generally provide multiple ways for users to interact with each other including blogging, sending messages to other users (both publicly viewable and private), gaming, and chatting.  
  • A ‘chat room’ is a form of communication in which users communicate in real-time. This can include private and publicly viewable messages sent to other users of the chat room. A chat room can also encompass ‘instant messaging’ which is generally a one-on-one, real-time conversation between two individuals.
  • ‘Cyberbullying’ is simply traditional bullying using electronic media (online, telephone, text messaging, etc.).
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