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National Broadband Plan Released with E-rate Recommendations

The National Broadband Plan has just been released. The FCC makes several recommendations regarding the E-rate program. Click a link to read more about the recommendation.

  • The FCC should adopt its pending Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to remove barriers to off-hours community use of E-rate funded resources.
  • The FCC should initiate a rulemaking to set goals for minimum broadband connectivity for schools and libraries and prioritize funds accordingly.
  • The FCC should provide E-rate support for internal connections to more schools and libraries.
  • The FCC should give schools and libraries more flexibility to purchase the lowest-cost broadband solutions.
  • The FCC should initiate a rulemaking to raise the cap on funding for E-rate each year to account for inflation.
  • The FCC should initiate a rulemaking to streamline the E-rate application process.
  • The FCC should collect and publish more specific, quantifiable and standardized data about applicants’ use of E-rate funds.
  • The FCC should work to make overall broadband-related expenses more cost-efficient within the E-rate program.
  • Congress should consider amending the Communications Act to help Tribal libraries overcome barriers to E-rate eligibility arising from state laws.
  • The FCC should initiate a rulemaking to fund wireless connectivity to portable learning devices. Students and educators should be allowed to take these devices off campus so they can continue learning outside school hours.
  • The FCC should award some E-rate funds competitively to programs that best incorporate broadband connectivity into the educational experience.
  • Congress should consider providing additional public funds to connect all public community colleges with high-speed broadband and maintain that connectivity.

The full plan can be found at

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