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Two Suspended from E-rate Program for Fraud

The FCC has suspended Jay Soled and Benjamin Rowner from participating in the E-rate program. The two acted as co-conspirators to defraud the E-rate program. According to the suspension, notice both Mr. Soled and Mr. Rowner admitted to devising schemes to defraud the E-rate program. The two are serving 27 months in federal prison to be followed by twenty four months of supervised release. Both have been ordered to pay $271,716 restitution.

The FCC has started debarment proceedings against both individuals.

The FCC Suspension Notices:
Mr. Soled Suspension Notice: /docs/2010/04/MrSoledFCCSuspensionNotice.pdf
Mr. Rowner Suspension Notice: /docs/2010/04/MrRownerFCCSuspensionNotice.pdf

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