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Please Approve USAC’s Recommendation to Fund FY 2009 Priority Two Applications Down to 78%

Dear FCC,

It has been nearly three months since the Schools and Libraries Committee held a Non-Quarterly Board Meeting and recommended to the FCC that USAC fund FY 2009 Priority Two applications down to the 78% level. The last time USAC was able to get below 80% was in FY 2003. School districts are waiting to hear from you soon so they can start installing broadband infrastructure to get more children connected to the Internet.

The National Broadband Plan states that the FCC would like more schools to have access to additional Internal Connections dollars. There are many projects for FY 2009 that are waiting for your approval. Please do not delay any longer and provide USAC the necessary guidance so they can approve those applications.


E-rate Stakeholders

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