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FCC Sets Tentative E-rate Broadband Order Release Date

The FCC tentatively announced that they will release their long-anticipated E-rate Broadband Order at their September 23 open meeting.  Earlier this summer the FCC released a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) to streamline the application process and potentially change the regulatory structure of the E-rate program.  The FCC released additional proposed rule changes dealing with possible eligibility changes and Form 470 and 471 revisions

It is unclear at this point whether the FCC will release one Order or that this will be the start of multiple Orders on different E-rate topics. The Order that is tentatively being released in a few weeks has the potential of impacting every school district, library system and service provider that participates in the E-rate program.

To view FFL NPRM comments click here.

To view FFL comments on potential eligibility revisions click here.

To view FFL comments on proposed new Form 470 and Form 471 revisions click here.

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