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Filing Window Tip: Do NOT Involve Service Providers

The FY2011 Filing Window opened on January 11th and will close at 11:59 EDT on Thursday March 24th. During this time, Funds For Learning will be posting tips you can use throughout the filing window.

Filing Window Tip: Do NOT Involve Service Providers

Today’s filing tip for the Form 470 is to avoid any improper relationships, or appearance of improper relationships, with service providers that would unfairly influence any competitive bidding decisions. Applicants are required to conduct a fair and open competitive bidding process and are forbidden to have a relationship with the service provider prior to the competitive bidding process that would unfairly influence the outcome of the competition or furnish the service provider with exclusive details to the requests.

When creating the Form 470 applicants should not allow or request service providers be involved with:

  • Providing language to use on the Form 470 or RFP related to the description of products and/or services sought;
  • Preparing the Form 470 or RFPs for the applicant;
  • Serving as a contact person for questions about the Form 470 posting.

Furthermore, applicants should not involve service providers in the posting of the Form 470, or allow them to act on their behalf on any matters related to the competitive bidding process.

The E-rate procurement process can be stressful, but Funds For Learning can help. Continue to check for helpful tips on completing the Forms 470 and 471. For more information please contact Funds For Learning at 405-341-4140, or email us at

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