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Post Filing Window Documentation: RAL

Within a few weeks of certifying the Form 471 in-window, applicants and service providers will receive a Form 471 Receipt Acknowledgement Letter (RAL) for each application submitted. Upon receipt of the RAL(s), applicants and service providers should carefully review the letter, ensuring that the information on file with the SLD accurately reflects the intended information and requested amounts.

If the information on the RAL differs from the information submitted on the Form 471 due to data entry or clerical error, applicants can submit corrections on the RAL. However, not all mistakes can be corrected via RAL.

What Can Be Corrected with the RAL

Block 4 – Though the Block 4 information does not appear on the RAL, applicants can use the RAL to add or delete entities to the Block 4. Applicants may also correct the information associated with a given entity.

Block 5 – Certain corrections on Block 5 such as correcting the category of service and certain dates can be made on the RAL. However, these corrections will likely require the applicant to provide additional information validating the requested change.

Applicants can also cancel FRNs with the RAL.

What Cannot Be Corrected with the RAL

Block 1 – Information such as the entity name, address, phone and other contact information cannot be changed with the RAL.

If You Have Corrections

Corrections can be made until a Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) for the specific Form 471 is provided. If the information presented in the RAL is not reflective of the information submitted, applicants can mark the corrections directly on the RAL and submit the letter one of three ways.

Applicants may email corrections by using the Submit a Question tool, by fax at (973) 599-6526, or via mail to the following address:

RAL Corrections
Schools and Libraries Division – Correspondence Unit
30 Lanidex Plaza West
PO Box 685
Parsippany, NJ 07054-0685

Save the RAL

Like all E-rate documentation, this letter should be retained for at least five years after the last day services are delivered in order to abide by the program’s document retention requirements.

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