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USAC Service Provider Call Notes – September 2012

USAC Service Provider Call Notes – September 2012

USAC’s Schools and Libraries Division hosts monthly service provider conference calls, providing information and guidance for vendors participating in the E-rate program. Highlights from September 5 service provider call include:

August 2012 Commitments

Since the last call, USAC has approved the following funding commitments:

Invoicing Update

Payments for the month of August totaled $249.9 million, against $298.6 million in requests. Invoices were submitted by 1,706 service providers, and 97 percent were processed within 30 days.

September 30 Installation Deadline

For Internal Connections, the typical delivery period is from July 1 of the funding year to September 30th of the following calendar year. However, due to SPIN changes, product substitutions, appeals, and other delays, a service delivery deadline extension may be required. Often times applicants and service providers will need to extend their contracts in these situations, and the applicant will need to submit a Form 500 to the SLD in order to alert the SLD that the contract has been extended. Service delivery deadline extensions should be submitted prior to the current service delivery deadline of the affected FRN(s).

Form 486 Notification Letters

Many service providers are not receiving their Form 486 Notification Letters from the SLD. USAC is working on the issue that is preventing this from happening. According to the SLD, it could still take a couple of more weeks to get resolved.

Note: The information above is not the official minutes from the call, but simply notes from Funds For Learning. The official minutes for this call, as well as call minutes from previous months, can be found here.

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