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SLD Grants FY11 Invoice Deadline and FY12 486 Deadline Extensions

Due to Hurricane Sandy, USAC is extending two important E-rate program deadlines. The FY11 recurring services invoicing deadline was Oct. 29th. For ALL applicants, regardless of their location, the deadline will now be Jan. 28, 2013. The SLD will make this change automatically, and no further action or request will be required. The new invoice deadline for recurring services will now be the same as the typical deadline for non-recurring services.

In addition to the invoice deadline extension, the FCC Form 486 deadline for FY12 will also be moved to Jan. 28, 2013 for all E-rate program participants. Applicants who may have missed either of these deadlines will now have additional time to prepare the necessary forms and submit them to USAC for processing.

Any applicants in the impacted federal disaster locations will be allowed extra time for other program related deadlines, such as PIA.

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