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USAC to Release New FY 2014 Form 470

On December 19, 2013 the SLD announced that a revised Form 470 will be released on Friday, December 20, 2013.

The SLD is advising applicants:

  • If you have started an FCC Form 470 online and the form was not completed as of 6pm ET on December 19, 2013, some of the data may be lost;
  • If you have completed an FCC Form online and the form was not certified as of 6pm ET on December 19, 2013, you must certify the form using the revised form;
  • If the SLD cannot complete data entry of a paper form or paper certification by 6pm ET on December 19, 2013, applicants must re-file using the December 2013 version of the form or certification available on the SLD website

On July 5, 2013 the FCC released a Public Notice and sought comment on the potential changes to the FY 2014 Form 470.

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