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FCC Agenda for E-rate Fiber Workshop

On May 8, 2015, the FCC released the agenda for a workshop that will “…provide schools, libraries, providers, and state and local policy makers with information and tools for planning fiber build projects under the new E-rate rules.”  The workshop will be held at the FCC headquarters on May 20, 2015, at 1pm.

The new E-rate rules regarding the purchase of fiber networks can be found in the 2nd E-rate Modernization Order.

The Public Notice states:  “the workshop will provide an overview of the new E-rate rules governing installment payments, state matching for fiber builds, leasing and management of dark fiber, and self-construction.”  The workshop will also be used as a platform to discuss best practices for building fiber networks, considerations for cost-effective options, and managing a fiber-build project in alignment with E-rate program rules.

The FCC will broadcast the event live for those stakeholders that cannot attend in person.

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