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Receiving Timely FY 2015 Commitments

The FCC has directed the SLD to issue FY 2015 commitments for all workable Form 471 applications by September 1, 2015, however, many school administrators are unavailable during summer months.  The SLD is encouraging applicants to continue to monitor their email addresses they provided to the SLD on their applications and continue to be responsive to their application review questions.  If there is no one in the institution that can be responsive to the SLD in your absence, the SLD would ask that you put a “temporarily unavailable” email response and let them know when you will be returning to the office to respond.

The SLD has specific summer contact procedures in place and if no one is available to answer their questions about your applications the application review process will continue after September 11, 2015. The SLD would like to issue regular funding waves throughout the summer in order to meet the September 1, 2015 goal to have nearly completed the application review process for all applications.

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