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65% of FY2015 Applications Processed

As of August 30, USAC had processed 65% of all FY2015 Form 471 applications, representing 40% of the
E-rate support requested in 2015. The remaining 35% of applications still pending represent 60% of the
E-rate support requested.

It is not unusual that a large number of applications actually represent a smaller piece of the overall demand pie. Historically, higher dollar applications have taken longer to complete the review process due to the additional layers of scrutiny involved in big dollar requests.

USAC provides specific status information for each application. The chart below shows the breakdown of applications based on their Form 471 status as of August 30, 2015.

3,721 applications have entered the Quality Assurance or Final Review phase of the process. Those applications, totalling $283 million, are likely to show up in the next 1 or 2 funding waves. The remaining applications are either (A) waiting for the applicants themselves to provide information to USAC, (B) going through a special review process (e.g. Selective Review), or (C) on-hold pending the applicants return from summer break.

The status information was pulled from Funds For Learning’s E-rate Manager® web tool using data current as of August 30, 2015.

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