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USAC Vice President Updates E-rate Stakeholders

In a letter sen to the E-rate community on September 29, 2015, Schools and Libraries Division Vice President Mel Blackwell provided updates on the pace of funding commitments for Funding Year 2015 and the program’s new E-rate Productivity Center portal.
In the letter, Mr. Blackwell notes that 41,852 “workable” applications were processed by September 24, 2015.  In addition, he noted that many of the remaining applications “are, in fact, workable, but they do require additional review and information requests of varying scope,” adding that most should be processed in the next 90 days.
The letter also discusses USAC’s new E-rate Productivity Center (EPC), acknowledging that the accelerated rollout of the tool resulted in some unexpected challenges.  USAC urged program participants to continue providing feedback on the system and processes, and noted that they would be “continually improving the user experience” for EPC.
A copy of the letter may be found by clicking here.
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