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USAC Service Provider Webinar Notes – Dec 2015

USAC’s Schools and Libraries Division hosts monthly service provider conference calls, providing information and guidance for vendors participating in the E-rate program. Highlights from the December 2, 2015 service provider webinar include:

Invoicing Update
Payments for the month of November totaled $178.7 million against requests for $238 million for 1725 service providers and 95% of the invoices were processed within 30 days.

Top Denial Explanations:

Invoice received after deadline

Duplicate invoicing

Total commitment paid

No SPAC filed

No Form 486 filed

The SLD reminded applicants that they must file a Form 498 and provide contact and banking information if they plan on going through the BEAR reimbursement process.

If an applicant's FY2015 Category Two applications have been approved but the applicant has decided to either not implement or partially implement a project in order to file FCC Forms 470 for FY2016, how does the applicant ask USAC to return the unused funding to its Category Two budget?

A: The applicant would file a Form 500 in order to cancel or reduce a funding request. The applicant would need to attach a spreadsheet for any reductions explaining to the SLD how to apply the reduction to the specific sites.

Q: Is there a way USAC can give us more information when invoices are denied? I have had three invoices denied, the description says "Service cert received but invalid" and I cannot get any more information.

A: The service provider can “submit a question” through the new EPC system to gain further information.

Q: If a service provider submits bids for bandwidth levels above the maximum amount listed on the FCC Form 470, does the applicant have to evaluate those bids?

A: Applicants would not need to consider those bid responses that do not match what the applicant is seeking.

Note: The summary above is not the official minutes from the webinar, but simply notes from Funds For Learning. The official minutes for this webinar can be found here.

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