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USAC Provides Data Entry Support

On March 15th Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) announced that they have an “optional process” to help larger applicants with data entry as it pertains to the connectivity questions in the EPC system. This is in direct response to larger districts having challenges with this data entry part of the application. 

Specifically, the SLD:

  • Will provide a template on their website for applicants to download and complete with the relevant connectivity data;
  • The applicant must return the form to the SLD  by email at by April 4, 2016 for USAC to enter in the data; and
  • USAC will ensure the data is entered into the system and notify the applicant when the process is complete.

The SLD is requesting that only applicants with 50 or more entities use this data entry option as they do not have the bandwidth to assist every applicant with the data entry for the connectivity questions. According to a Funds For Learning analysis, in FY 2015, there were 373 applicants who had 50 or more entities listed in their applications.

Further information on this process can be found here.

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